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We specialize in single-estate 100% Kona coffee.

Our company, founded in 2015, is committed to providing knowledgeable, passionate coffee consumers with high-quality, single-estate 100% Kona coffees with distinctive flavor characteristics that emanate from specific terroirs. We grow, process, roast, and sell premium Kona brands to satisfy the interests of discriminating coffee connoisseurs.

We use a small-batch air roaster to custom roast at four levels: Medium, City, Full City, and Vienna. We produce and sell Absolute Decaf, which is 99.9%+ caffeine-free and amazingly flavorful. Our Cynthiana Farm and Honalo Farm have about 4,000 trees in the world-class Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawai'i (see map). To buy our coffee, visit our e-commerce website Consider joining our Coffee Club for a 10% discount.  We also sell green beans in bulk with wholesale pricing.

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Terroir [ter-wahr'] is a collection of special attributes derived from the geography (region, elevation, slope), geology (soil, hydrology), and microclimate (weather) of a specific location. This concept relates to a unique sense of place, especially the influence of place on the properties of certain agricultural products, such as wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, and chocolate. Terroir forms a basis for the widely used classification system that reflects appellation of origin (AOC) and underpins the value of single-estate or single-origin coffee.

Cynthiana Farm in South Kona, at an elevation of 1,700 feet, mauka from Pebble Beach.
Honalo Farm in North Kona, at an elevation of 1,700–1,800 feet, mauka from Keauhou Bay.